The details of the workwear

workwear’s species seems to be very few, in fact, different details determine the different effects.

1, work pants

pandaworkwear work pants
pandaworkwear work pants

Work pants usually undergo a lot of friction, as well as a variety of different environments, so we recommend the use of Canvas and twill. And match multiple extra pockets, and heavy duty buttons and zippers, such not only can protect the body from harm, can also improve the work efficiency.

It is worth noting that the jeans today very fashion, so you should not be used jeans as work pants.

2, work shirts

Various styles Nursing dress with width color trim
Various styles Nursing dress with width color trim

What kind of work shirts are the most strong? The answer is a poly real/cotton blends. Usually poly real/cotton blends of work shirts can withstand the tear test of high strength, and not easy to wrinkle.
In some special industries ( like nurse tunic ), may need more advanced effects, such as antistatic, acid-proof, alkali resistance, waterproof and so on.
We recommend using poly real/cotton cloth “upgrade” function, so that it can ensure the stability of special performance.

3, Gloves

panda workwear Gloves
panda workwear Gloves

Work gloves is not as thick as possible, it is certainly not the thinner the better. In protecting the hands at the same time, must ensure that finger flexibility at the same time.
A good glove will fully protect your fingers but allow some tactile sense.
IT will be test workwear manufacturer production process.

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