About Us

We are your local supplier of Work wear, High Visibility, corporate Uniforms plus much more. Our experienced management and staff can assist you with any questions that you may have, providing up to date product knowledge and a professional service. No matter what size your business is – from Sole Traders to National Companies, you […]

How to choose your workwear according to nature of work ?

1,The reasonable clothing and workwear can to help regulate body temperature ,protect the skin ,in order to achieve the waterproof ,fire prevention ,prevent thermal radiation ,gas ,such as animal bite prevention purposes .whether clothing and workwear are suitable or not ,directly related to the human body health . 2,When working in high temperature condition ,would […]

How can show your Workplace spell able temperament

1,Learn to build the habit of thinking often , Good at summarize and correct ,this may let you inter more enrich ,meeting room is a peaceful space ,you can stay here ,sit on the table ,you also become  a scenery . 2, Shirt match skirt natural become a classic in the workplace ,it can outlined […]

How to order clothes from Panda workwear

This article will introduce how to order clothes from panda workwear. The whole is divided into two types, one is to select the style clothes available on the site, the second is to provide the design or the sample, we processed. In the first case, customers choose panda workwear clothing styles. Clothing styles on our website […]